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Introducing the Fontaine 
Dual Assist Camera System

20/20 Vision of your trailer coupling 
from the comfort of your cab
The patent-pending Fontaine Dual Assist Camera mounts to your truck frame and lets you watch your trailer couple from the comfort of your cab. It's the better, easier, smarter way to couple trailers.
The forward facing and rear facing cameras are protected by a robust aluminum housing. The doors remain closed when the system is not in use and open automatically when the truck is placed in reverse.
On-dash display allows you to view trailer coupling from two perspectives. One camera shows the trailer while backing up. The other camera is focused on the fifth wheel lock to view the actual coupling of the trailer. Infrared technology is employed for night vision capability.
The system makes it easy for drivers to make sure things are lined up properly. Then they can actually see the kingpin enter the throat of the fifth wheel. Takes the guesswork out of the coupling process. Although this system makes trailer coupling easier and more convenient than ever, it does not replace the requirement by law that the driver exits the cab and visually inspects the fifth wheel to ensure a proper connection.