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Worldwide fifth wheel leader

Fontaine Fifth Wheel is the world’s largest dedicated fifth wheel manufacturer and innovator of the only self-adjusting fifth wheel lock in the industry: the Fontaine No-Slack®. With ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified manufacturing facilities worldwide, the company divides its global organization into three operating groups: North America, South America and Europe.

Fontaine Fifth Wheel North America is based in Jasper, Alabama. In addition to corporate headquarters, the Jasper campus includes the largest research and development facility in the world focused exclusively on fifth wheel coupling technology. Here, engineers refine existing product lines while imagining, designing and prototyping the fifth wheels of the future.

The solutions that we offer are developed with an absolute focus on the customer and are tailored to meet the specific requirements of a wide range of standard through severe service applications. The stationary, sliding and blocked fifth wheels that we deliver feature advanced No-Slack® automatic slack adjustment. This is important for our customers because one of the main causes of fifth wheel wear is slack between the kingpin and the lock. This slack transmits shock waves throughout the chassis as the vehicle travels the highways under load. This, in turn, causes components to wear out and fail prematurely; and the constant pounding is annoying and uncomfortable for drivers.

Fontaine No-Slack® technology solves this problem by adjusting fifth wheel slack automatically to achieve a snug, secure connection that accommodates for wear. Customers benefit from this advanced technology that extends product life while reducing maintenance to give fleet managers a lower operating cost per mile and drivers a smoother, more comfortable ride.

The proven No-Slack® design employs a trigger-activated locking system that helps eliminate high-hitching and false coupling. The lock is designed to close when the bottom of the kingpin flange strikes the locking trigger. This important feature helps prevent improper coupling and minimizes the resulting damage to tires, equipment and cargo.

When it’s time to uncouple drivers really value the easy No-Slack® pull handle. Unlike our competitors, the handle pulls straight out with no complicated sequence to remember. It only takes 65 lbs of pull force to open the lock making it the easiest in the industry.

Fontaine® has earned a reputation for delivering reliable products backed by superior customer support. We are fifth wheel experts providing a wide range of tools and services to help our customers do their jobs more efficiently, including: a mobile app packed with useful information; a website complete with “How-To” videos and troubleshooting support; cost-cutting “hands on” training at customer locations; printed materials... whatever it takes to help our customers get the fifth wheel products and information they need quickly and easily.

Fontaine Fifth Wheel is a Marmon Highway Technologies (MHT)/Berkshire Hathaway company. MHT companies support the transportation industry worldwide with a wide range of high quality products and services. The financial strength of our business gives us the resources to innovate the fifth wheels of tomorrow as we serve of our valued customers today… and down the road.