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Introducing Fontaine SmartConnect®

The World’s First Smart Fifth Wheel

HDT top 20 product winner


SmartConnect® is recognized by Heavy Duty Trucking as a Top 20 product for 2024

We Appreciate this honor from HDT which was awarded based on fleet executives considering three important criteria.

  • Innovation
  • Ability to address industry issues
  • Potential to affect the bottom line
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Fontaine SmartConnect


Smart technology increases uptime and reduces maintenance costs

  • Monitors fifth wheel lock position over time and processes collected data
  • Anticipates maintenance and proactively alerts for servicing or inspection
  • Helps prevent premature wear, reduces early rebuilds, and enhances fleet uptime by aligning maintenance with indications
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Fontaine SmartConnect


Bolsters safety procedures to help prevent false coupling

  • Provides an additional check to supplement DOT-required visual inspection and tug test
  • A green light informs the driver that the fifth wheel is locked
  • Flashing before turning solid green signals that an adjustment or repairs are needed at the next service interval
  • A red light signals unlocked, alerting the driver to ensure proper re-coupling before proceeding

Fontaine SmartConnect safety


Data-driven repair intervals keep you on the road longer

  • Numerous factors impact fifth wheel maintenance making it difficult for fleet managers to predict maintenance intervals: cargo weight, road conditions, coupling/uncoupling frequency, and more
  • SmartConnect® overcomes these variables by detecting and informing when adjustments are necessary
  • Eliminates guesswork to ensure fifth wheels are brought in for maintenance as needed

Fontaine SmartConnect data


24/7 brain power keeps you informed with every connection

  • SmartConnect® is CAN bus capable right out of the box using high level SAE J1939 communications protocol
  • When integrated with the Truck OEM’s CAN
    and telematics systems, SmartConnect® will
    seamlessly transmit crucial fifth wheel data
    to fleet managers, including:


    – lock status
    – hours of use
    – number of couples
    – maintenance alerts

Fontaine SmartConnect reports


Upgrade to SmartConnect® coupled with Fontaine No-Slack®

  • SmartConnect® technology combined with Fontaine No-Slack fifth wheels creates a powerful synergy
  • SmartConnect® provides enhanced safety and advanced maintenance control
  • Fontaine No-Slack® fifth wheels eliminate fifth wheel slack automatically, saving time and ensuring precise couplings
  • Invest in this winning combination to boost fleet performance and profitability

Fontaine SmartConnect drivers


Peace of mind today
and down the road

Certainly, SmartConnect® delivers alerts, predictive maintenance, and boosts business efficiency. Nonetheless, there's another vital dimension to this story. Consider the invaluable "PEACE OF MIND" that comes with knowing your safety procedures receive an extra layer of support, enhancing the DOT-required visual inspection and tug test. Every action we take to avert incidents stemming from false couplings is well worth the effort. Prioritizing safety is a winning strategy for all stakeholders.


Important – The SmartConnect system is not a replacement for the driver’s required pre-trip visual inspection and “tug test” and does not negate the need for the driver to follow all federal, state and local laws and ordinances. SmartConnect is also not a replacement for the maintenance requirements and instructions found in the Fontaine user manual. Read and follow all product instructions before installation, use, and performing maintenance. Instructions available on our literature page.