Fontaine Fifth Wheel Literature

Maintenance Literature
LT-072: Lubrication/jaw and wedge adjustment
LT-203: Cold weather maintenance
LT-209: Upper Coupler Inspection Fontaine Fifth
LT-052: Part ID chart (6000/7000)
LT-003: Rebuild bulletin (6000/7000)
LT-148: Rebuild bulletin (retractable handle)
Scheduled maintenance
Pre-Service procedure
Proper fifth wheel location
Proper fifth wheel height
Measuring your fifth wheel

Key Technician Documents
LT-071: Coupling and uncoupling procedures
LT-072: Lubrication/jaw and wedge adjustment
TB-008: Cold weather maintenance
TB-012: Wedge stop rod adjustment
TB-028: Bracket liner inspection and installation procedures

Service Manual
LT-143 No-Slack© 6000/7000/ 7000CC
LT-143 Mounting information
LT-143 Frequently asked questions
LT-143 Service Manual (complete file) -- Printer friendly version (18 megabytes)

Literature for legacy products